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Hot Dam Heat Compound Specs

When You Need to Stop Heat Cold, Count on HOT DAM!

Recommended especially for use with pipe-freezing equipment to protect Ice-Plugs and Jackets.

  1. Completely stops heat transfer down ferrous or non-ferrous pipe
  2. Easily molds like clay to any shape you need
  3. Can be used over and over
  4. Removes quickly and cleanly after each application
  5. No drip, mess or residue
  6. Ideal for applications in plumbing, ac/r and maintenance
  7. Simply stores in a 3/4 lb container
Purchase the Hot Dam Heat Compound Here


Hot Dam Heat Spray Gel Specs

Spray-on Heat and Flame Shield

  1. Spray on surfaces to shield them from heat and flame while soldering, brazing or welding.
  2. Spray on fittings, valves, etc. to retard heat travel while soldering, brazing or welding.
  3. Spray on heated surfaces to quench and cool them rapidly
  4. Spray on sheet metal surfaces adjacent to welding area to help prevent distortion and keep slag from adhering to metal.
  5. Gel is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  6. Spray gel directly on drywall, joists, studs, plywood, metal, pipe, fittings, valves, etc. to form a "Thermal Shield" that protects gel coated surfaces from heat and direct flame when soldering, brazing or welding.
  7. Gel is formulated to stay put when sprayed, even upside down!
  8. When work is done leave gel on. It dries clear without residue. Available in a 32 oz. bottle.
Purchase the Hot Dam Gel Spray Here