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Jet Swets are the original, professional tool of choice for soldering with the water in the line. As we know, you cannot solder a pipe with water still in it, and it normally takes hours to adequately drain the system to do any repair.

Jet Swet Flo-Thrus
  1. Doing the pipe repair as soon as you get to the job. No waiting for water to completely drain.
  2. Having immediate control over draining or siphoning water.
  3. Keep costs down so you can secure more "contract" work.
  4. Look more professional, no more bread!
  5. Never lose money on "contract" work due to uncontrollable draining water.
  6. Service Hotels, Motels, Apartment and Commercial Buildings.

  1. Schedule 40 PVC (recommended)
  2. Schedule 80 PVC
  3. Steel Pipe: Galvanized or Black
  4. Copper Pipe type L or Type M

  1. Jet Swet Single Tools - Rated at 55-60 psi based on size
  2. Jet Swet Flo-Thru Tools 1/2" to 4" - Rated at 55-60 psi.
  3. Jet Swet Flo-Thru Tools 5" to 6" - Rated at 70 psi.
  4. Jet Swets are made from the highest quality steel and aircraft aluminum
  5. The Jet Swet gasket is a special EPDM/Silicon composite, made to withstand the intense heat of soldering and braising.
  6. There is a 1 year warranty from manufacturers defect on the entire tool except for the disposable, replacement gaskets.

The problem that most plumber's face with draining the system is one of a lack of speed and/or professionalism. Many times, in the case of maintenance personnel, the building's water cannot be shut down more than a couple of minutes. In the case of plumbers, repeat customers are more likely to be retained by doing a job more quickly and efficiently, instead of charging additional hours to just watch water drain.

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