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Hot Dam Compound

Completely stops heat transfer down ferrous or non-ferrous pipe. Easily molds like clay to any shape you need. Can be used over and over. Removes quickly and cleanly after each application. No drip, mess or residue. Ideal for applications in plumbing, ac/r and maintenance. Simply stores in a 3/4 lb (12 oz.) container.

Ratcheteer 9" Adjustable Wrench

The Ratcheteer is a Quality Adjustable Wrench That Not Only Torques - It Ratchets! Just Torque, Ratchet, Torque! That clicking sound is you finishing the job faster and makes any old style 8" and 10" adjustable wrenches obsolete. It also saves considerable time and effort with streamlined jaws for better access.

Wassi II Plumbing Plug Kit

Wassi II Plumbing Plug kit holds back water in a pipe and allows you to solder straight pipe and around elbow fittings. Wassi II plumbing Plugs eliminates the need for bread, expensive freezing devices and other types of plugs. It's cables slide easily through elbows, tees and valves for repair on elbowed pipe. It is available in two different kits: #5220 1/2"-1.00" and # 5221 1/2"-2.00" with case. Made in the USA and comes with a one year limited warranty.

OD Tape Measure